Courses and Workshops

We specialise in developing and delivering training to meet your needs. The list below is a sample…..


Playing Up!    Understanding children’s behaviour when playing

Playing Outdoors with the Elements     An introduction to playing with earth, air, fire and water

Introduction to the Playwork Principles   Understanding the playwork approach and reflective practice

Creating Play Spaces   Resources and ideas for supporting playwork curriculum and a range of play types

Playwork & the EYFS  How to meet the requirements through good playwork practice

Equalities & Diversity   Responding to children as individuals

Gender Play  Exploring real and perceived differences, and consequences for practice

Risk in Play   How to manage, support and understand the benefits for children

Playwork Theory  Including Play Types, Playwork Curriculum, Play Cycle and Loose Parts Theory

Safeguarding & Child Protection.  Implementing best practice in a Playwork context

The ‘PlayWay’ An endorsed 15 hour training course for anyone, including parents, wanting to support children’s play